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My first Blog!

When it comes to all things technical I am a big girl’s tailored shirt; never a blouse that’s just too last century. Recent technology defeats include buying a toaster online – (yes I managed an internet buy) it arrived with a DVD instruction kit. Bit much I thought it’s only a toaster how hard can it be. Two weeks later having incinerated bread to the point I made a carbon diamond – I threw said toaster away. But here I am in 2010 writing my first blog!

2009 was a fantastic year! Working on the Morecombe and Wise show I got to meet the man who single-handedly wrote all their shows, the hugely talented and lovely Mr Eddie Braben.

I fulfilled my dream of doing ‘Just A Minute’ Radio Four’s longest running panel show and I went to the Altitude festival where I learnt to ski – brilliant fun!

The après ski crowd sure know how to party. On the Sunday they had a fancy dress fun run. Having downed a pitcher of Martini’s each they set off with Papa Smurf, a couple of nuns and one young lad wearing nothing but tiny pants and head to toe cling film. Sorry but not a good look. Firstly tiny pants and cling film only go to emphasise how cold it is, they sent a search party out to look for his penis but they never did find it. Despite a cash reward. Secondly unless you are tanned and have a six-pack you could grate cheese on, you look like a pre-packaged chicken breast. Still I had a blast so thanks a million Altitude! 2010 promises to be another great year will continue to chronicle me doings!